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70 Maverick

70 Maverick- 2

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69 Fairlane

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66 Fairlane

66 Fairlane -2

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427 Thunderbolt

67 Ranchero XL

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More Drag Racing Photos:

"Ohio George" Montgomery's 69 Mustang

powered by a twin turbo Boss 429

Bob Glidden's Pinto Pro Stock
Bob Glidden's Pinto Pro Stock
"Gas" Ronda's A/FX 427 Mustang
Dave Lyall's all fiberglass A/FX 64 Falcon
Arnie Beswick's 65 427 Cyclone A/FX
Original 63 Galaxie lightweight
Mickey Thompson's 64 Thunderbolt
This car features a hemi-headed 427 and was driven by Jess Tyree.
Bob Ford Inc. 64 Thunderbolt
Stout & Crawley's 64 Thunderbolt
Tasca Ford's 64 Thunderbolt
driven by Bill Lawton
"Nazy Crate" 64 Thunderbolt
owned & driven by Nate Cohen
2 styles of 64 Thunderbolt front bumpers
On the left is the 63 style fiberglass bumper integrated into the filler panel. On the right is the later 64 aluminum style.
original 64 Thunderbolt interior